Mismo's Guiding Principles

"Principles we strive to achieve for ourselves and endow upon our children"
  • Community
    Mismo is a simple name for what we hope continues to be a rich and thriving community of learners in Missoula, Montana. A community of families and friends dedicated to caring for and supporting each other. Mismo activities are simply a common bond and that which unites us.
  • Enthusiasm
    When a person is enthusiastic about what he or she is doing, there is no "burn-out" or boredom. Instead, there is a burning passion to crate more and seek greater knowledge.
  • Honesty
    People will be honest when they do not fear the consequences of being truthful. We will always strive to be honest and forthright with each other, even when the truth is difficult. We believe honesty deters anxiety and creates trusting relationships. Learning and loving can happen best in a trusting and honest environment.
  • Individuality
    Diversity is a necessary part of our learning community. We each have unique and precious qualities, which can only enrich our abilities and resources for achieving success. We choose to meet students "where they are at" and maximize their individual strengths while providing opportunities to minimize weaknesses.
  • Courage
    It takes courage to challenge oneself and others to achieve their personal best. It takes courage to ask for help. It takes courage to love, unconditionally. It takes courage to be alive each day. It takes courage to be a part of Mismo.
  • Respect
    Self-respect and self-love are necessary before a person can develop the capacity to love and respect others. We hope to help everyone find these treasures within themselves, thus, enabling each person to give more.
  • Strength
    A person's mental and physical health are vital components in his/her ability to be a contributing member to society. We develop physical strength, mental fitness and personal character through the choice of healthy, balanced lifestyles.
  • Knowledge
    Our activities at Mismo can only be tools in our quest for knowledge. Our sports are not an answer. It is a process for learning. It is the road on this journey to greater understanding of all things life has to offer. It isn't so much about the mastery of the skill as it is about the joy in trying and the joy that comes from learning.